Services - repairs

If you can't find exactly what you need in our list of popular repairs, just choose the closest, or leave the basket empty, and add notes for your seamstress at checkout. We will contact you to discuss and no payment will be taken until you're happy with your quote.

Something's fallen off

Need something sewn back on securely? Whether buttons, belt loops, fastenings or trims, we can reattach anything you need to make your clothes good as new.

Even if you've lost a button, or any of the above, don't worry. We can replace singles or sets with something similar, or choose a totally new set from our large collection for a fresh look.

£5per set


Hem hanging down or hole in seam

We can repair hems or seams when you find this problem on your clothes. We'll re-hem round the loose edge or close the seam with the perfect match of thread, leaving it strong and secure whatever the fabric type.

Note - for changing the hem length, select our shortening or lengthening service, and for holes which are not on a seam, choose our 'holes and tears' service.

£7per edge


Holes or tears

We'll sew on patches to mend holes, rips and tears in most fabrics. We can usually replace iron-on patches which have damaged the fabric too - a common problem

Standard patch: suitable for jeans, trousers, shirts, jackets or coat linings. We patch on the inside to keep the mend as invisible as possible. Your repair won't tear again in a hurry

Delicate patch: for repairing silks, lace and larger holes in wool and cashmere. We'll carefully match the shape, cut and movement of your item for a very subtle patch. Don't worry if you're not sure what type of repair is needed, we'll update you when we receive your items


£13per patch



£24per patch



Found a hole smaller than a £2 coin in something wool, cashmere or silk? We will darn the hole using our many years of expertise to create a trule subtle mend. We can match almost every possible fabric type and colour using our stock of over 800 different threads colours and our knowledge of blending them where required.

If you have lots of moth-holes in several garments, just add the total number of holes to your basket and we'll get more details later. We may be able to provide a bulk discount.


£6per hole



£35per hole


Broken Zip

We'll do a zipper repair or replacement in a colour that suits the fabric. We can also do waterproof clothing and leather zip replacements, starting at a cost of £10 extra.

Short zip replacement is for a zip shorter than your forearm, like jean flies or a dress zip.
Long zip replacement is for a zip longer than your forearm, such as a broken coat or cushion zip.

Short zip

£13per zip


Long zip

£24per zip


Worn Out Coat Lining

Order a relining and our seamstresses will meticulously cut the old lining from your item, then use it as a pattern to draw out, cut and hand-stitch a replacement into place. Choose your new lining from our wide range on the details page.

We can also provide dress and bag re-lining on request. Pockets are a separate piece of fabric, though, so need a separate service - see below.

£149per item


Hole in your pocket

We replace your holey pockets by using the original as a pattern, and cutting out replacements from durable fabric that will keep your coins safe for years to come! We can even make pockets larger than the original if requested.