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Have a look through our typical services and honest prices below. If you can't find what you're looking for try our bespoke option.

  • Hems


    Get rid of those annoying falling hems and hanging threads on your clothes


  • Button w/ replacement included

    Button w/ replacement included

    When you've kept a button that's fallen off or found a spare you can send us. We'll sew it back for less than a new sewing kit

    £4 each or two for £7

  • Buttons - replacing a set

    Buttons - replacing a set

    When you've lost a single button or several


  • Replacing short zip

    Replacing short zip

    Replacing any zip that is shorter than your forearm eg: dresses, jeans


  • Replacing long zip

    Replacing long zip

    Replacing any zip that is longer than your forearm eg: coats, cushion covers


  • Replacing pockets

    Replacing pockets

    We don't repair pockets, we replace them as standard. Two for £18

    £11 or two for £18

  • Moth-holes & other darns

    Moth-holes & other darns

    This service is for small holes (smaller than a £2 coin) in wools, cashmeres, and some cottons and silk

    £5 per hole

  • Patching


    Repairing and reinforcing holes bigger than a 2 pound coin

    £11 per patch

  • Delicate patching

    Delicate patching

    A discreet repair for silks, lace and fine fabrics

    £23 per patch

  • Full coat re-lining

    Full coat re-lining

    The big bertha of mends. We use satin, cotton, polycotton or silk