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3 Hacks to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Without having to buy more clothes

Clothes Doctor

In the height of summer it’s inevitable that we start to stock our wardrobe with light, breathable garments for the current season.

We are huge advocates of reworking what we already own. Reworking your wardrobe can be incredibly satisfying, gives you huge bragging rights and helps the planet too!

Sounds exhausting and like hard work? Do not fear, Clothes Doctor are here to take all of the stress away.

Introducing The 'Wardrobe Overhaul Service'

The ultimate treatment for your clothes

Heading away this summer? Let us take care of your wardrobe whilst you get some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Clothes Doctor are now offering a full wardrobe overhaul service, to repair and refresh your wardrobe, and help avoid any nasty moth-related surprises amongst your cashmere when the time comes to bring them out for cooler weather.

Enquire via live chat or call the workshop for more details of our packages and prices.

5 Top Tips For a Tidy Wardrobe

Professional declutterer Chloë Howat shares her foolproof steps to wardrobe wellness...

Chloë Howat

Can’t find anything in your wardrobe? As a professional organiser, I’ve seen my fair share of cluttered storage.

These simple steps can streamline and transform any wardrobe in no time at all...

1. Declutter

The first step to creating a tidy wardrobe is letting go of items that should no longer be in there. Pick up an item and ask yourself honestly: do I love this or use it on a regular basis? If not, it’s time to say goodbye.

How to Pin your Clothes for Alterations

Creating the perfect fit couldn't be easier


Safety pinning your item ready to be altered might feel a bit intimidating, but trust us, it really is straightforward, especially when you follow our handy hints.


You should be wearing your item for pinning

Try not to breathe in while pinning

Wardrobe Icons Recommends Clothes Doctor

Delighted to be featured in Wardrobe Icon's Little Black Book


Clothes Doctor is delighted to be featured in Wardrobe Icon’s Little Black Book of repair gods, who can make your most treasured pieces look like new again.

Everyone has a dress, pair of trousers or even a jacket that can benefit from some tailoring. Clothes Doctor can repair and tailor anything you can imagine and does so flawlessly.