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The Smoking Jacket

A Stylish Garment for Smokers and Non Smokers

The smoking jacket has always been synonymous with a gentleman’s comfort at home, a traditional coat reserved for evening wear in the comforts of your estate.

Over the past decades, the jacket changed the course of men’s style and what was once reserved exclusively for home has now become a style staple of black tie and evening wear for a night in town.

Have a read on how we turned a simple velvet jacket into a smoking jacket.

menswear style podcast

MenswearStyle official podcast hosted by Lifestyle Editor Peter Brooker, with guest Lucinda O’Connor, Clothes Doctor CEO and founder.

They discuss how imperative it is to bring more sustainability to all wardrobes.

Click to have a read and listen to the full episode.

Eco-Age logo

Lulu O’Connor talks to Rosanna Falconer about her journey that lead her to start Clothes Doctor.

Inspired by Lulu’s own moment of epiphany over her overflowing wardrobe and its contrast with her mother’s make-do-and-mend attitude to clothing, she sought a solution. Not finding it in the dry cleaners of the capital, she took the ease of the online boutiques from which she once indulged in regular sprees and combined them with a studio of seamstresses in Cornwall, where she was born.


Sustainability and style can go hand-in-hand, with a little thought and creativity.

With a shocking 300,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfills every year in the UK alone, we have to be mindful when we reconsider what we buy, where we buy it, and how we care for it.

Next time you rummage through your wardrobe unable to find anything to wear or go shopping for the latest style piece, consider the following easy tips to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.