Services - Clean & Refresh

If you can't find exactly what you need in our list of popular cleaning and refreshing options, just choose the closest, or leave the basket empty, and add notes for your seamstress at checkout. We will contact you to discuss and no payment will be taken until you're happy with your quote.

Standard Dry Cleaning

We offer traditional dry cleaning for your newly repaired or altered items so that they return as good as new. We provide this as an add-on service and you can choose between:

Small - jumpers, shirts, T shirts, shorts, scarves, ties, waistcoats
Medium - jackets, trousers, day dresses, skirts, dressing gowns


£8per item



£12per item


Special Dry Cleaning

We also offer traditional dry cleaning for your larger or more complicated items. Exact prices for extra large items are available on request:

Large - coats, evening dresses, suits, bridesmaids dresses
Extra Large - wedding dresses, curtains, bedspreads, sofa covers


£20per item


Extra large

£60or more


Laundry Service

For suitable garments we can provide a simple launder and drying add-on service (usually in the fresh Cornish air), or a hand wash option for delicate items.


£3per item


Hand wash

£5per item



For wools, cashmeres, and cottons, gentle electric de-pilling can really transform your tired favourites and give them a new lease of life. Combine with an eco-friendly clean or handwash for best results.

£4per item


Fur Rehydration

For antique furs which are brittle and losing their sheen, our all-natural, oil-based rehydration treatment is a real life saver. This is applied inside the lining of the coat, so it's best to combine this with a full relining. We finish the service with a buff with a furrier brush to really bring it back to its original shine.

£20per item


Anti-Moth Treatment

We recommend this on all items which come in for moth-hole repair. To get to the root of the problem - the clothes moths, moth larvae and moth eggs in your garments - we will freeze them in moth-proof bags in our industrial freezer, and return them to you sealed in the bag for storage, along with a lavender bag for your wardrobe. Freezing has been proven as a very effective natural moth prevention method, keeping your clothes odour and chemical-free. Note that we may pack up to 4 items in each moth-proof bag, and provide one lavender bag per order.

£3.50per item